The Winemaking

Our Winemaking Process

RUMOR is the perfect blend of true Provençal grapes. 

It begins with the terroir, a series of vineyards dating back 2,000 years, chosen for their particular location, as sun, wind, and elevation provide distinct effects on the wine. 

Our esteemed winemaker hand selects the varietals, curating a blend of distinctly Provençal grapes — Grenache, Cinsault, Shiraz, Tibourin, and Vermentino — to strike the perfect balance of acidity for the palate. 

Rosé is a delicate wine to create, requiring a mix of art and science to create the right acidity, aroma, and taste. Once the right grapes are chosen, the journey from grape to vine is a delicate balance of timing, technicality, and attention to detail. 

Our winemaker works with precision, harvesting the grapes at the perfect temperature, timing the fermentation, and processing the grapes with minimal intervention.

The result is an elegant, balanced, and drinkable rosé that’s the perfect, pale pink, and captivates your attention.

Made with Organic Grapes 

At RUMOR, we craft clean and unadulterated rosé, made with organic grapes, vegan, with zero residual sugar. Because we understand that wine without chemicals is better for people and for planet.