The Winemaking

Our Winemaking Process

RUMOR is the perfect blend of true Provençal grapes. 

Sourced from a highly-selective group of terroirs in Provence, featuring locations where sun, wind, and elevation provide distinct effects on the wine, the vineyards where our grapes are sourced have rock, clay, and limestone-based soil, creating a dry and rapidly draining environment which allows these grapes to develop maximum phenolic ripeness while maintaining freshness along the coast.

Our winemaker harvests the grapes just before sunrise at 6°C-8°C (42.8°F – 46.4°F) to capture freshness and brightness, ensuring structure and fruit balance. After delicate sorting and destemming, the grapes are quickly transported to the winery for pressing with soft maceration. The grapes are vinified separately and blended in December to craft the final wine, showcasing delicate, aromatic notes, and fruit and floral expressions.

Once blended, the wine is aged in stainless, temperature-controlled vats for three months to preserve its natural clarity.

The result is an elegant, balanced, and drinkable rosé that’s the perfect, pale pink, and captivates your attention.

Made with Organic Grapes 

At RUMOR, we craft clean and unadulterated rosé, made with organic grapes, vegan, with zero residual sugar. Because we understand that wine without chemicals is better for people and for planet.