The Story

Barry Bayat had grown tired of the uninspiring rosé options that had seemingly been available for decades. As he hosted his friends and loved ones for weekly gatherings or dined out, he yearned for something new and exceptional – a rosé that would leave an indelible impression and create excitement. Determined to create the perfect blend and product, Barry left behind his finance career and set off to the vineyards of southern France in early 2019.

His journey led him to Côtes de Provence, a region renowned for its unmatched grapes and terroir. Armed with only one contact, Barry traversed countless vineyards and chateaux in search of the perfect winemaker. Finally, he found Pierre, the one, and together they crafted the first vintage of RUMOR Rosé.

Crafted with the finest Provençal grapes, RUMOR was an instant success. People across Europe were enamored with the wine’s elegant aesthetic and delectable flavor profile. Barry wanted to share this incredible rosé with the world, and so he set out on a journey across the globe with a backpack full of bottles of RUMOR.

Guided solely by taste and sophistication, RUMOR quickly became a favorite among tastemakers and wine enthusiasts alike. Today, the brand is vegan, organic, and available in 11 countries and is served at the most prestigious venues worldwide. RUMOR has quickly become a global hit, as each sip transports drinkers to the picturesque vineyards of Provence and the seasides of the Mediterranean.

On launching RUMOR, founder Barry Bayat says: “My vision has always been to produce a high quality wine that speaks for itself. After extensive travel, research and finessing to find the perfect cuvée, I am extremely proud to share RUMOR with you. I created RUMOR to celebrate the quintessential feeling of relaxing days and carefree nights, all year round. Taste has no language.”