The Taste

RUMOR Rosé deliciously blends Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Vermentino grapes, resulting in a dry flavour profile, without any bitterness. With zero residual sugar, RUMOR is light, chiselled, and full of flavor, holding a classic pale pink hue that carries delicate citrus and fruit aromas. The easy drinking rosé has an abv of 13% and holds a clean-cut mouthfeel from the very first sip, finishing crisply dry with a stony touch, to evoke the ultimate sense of class and elegance.

A combination of sophistication and lightness, and a beautiful blush pink, RUMOR is an easy-drinking, high-quality rosé. It masterfully blends delicate citrus and fruit aromas with a well-rounded crisp and dry finish, perfect for celebrations, no matter how big or small, whatever the weather. The current vintage is a reflection of the past season in Provence that was marked by particularly hot and dry  weather, however, the terroirs located in the inner valleys of the winery benefited from some welcome showers at the beginning of September, allowing the grapes to reach their full maturity. Best served chilled, RUMOR is a rosé of depth that is  enjoyed as an apértif or as a favored companion to a variety of refined foods such as Provençal cooking, tapas, vegetables, or grilled seafood.